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Now Crack Gmail Passwords Easily with WonderShare WinSuite 2012

20. Juli 2012 - 7:52

Shenzhen, China: The internet is the most preferred means of communication today, be it business or personal needs. With a lot of important and confidential information being shared through emails daily, forgetting or losing email usernames or passwords could put a person in a lot of trouble. There are precautionary measures to recover passwords such as giving alternative email address at the time of registering, answering security questions etc. Even these might not come in handy at times and there are chances of critical data loss and associated risks of monetary loss, personal distress etc. as well. This is the point when a really good password cracking application can come to the rescue of a person.

Even though there are plenty of applications that claim to crack Gmail passwords, WinSuite 2012 from WonderShare is one application that stands out from the rest. This program helps to crack Gmail passwords in just 3 simple steps. First, run the program and select “Password & Key Finder” from the menu. Then choose “Password Finder” and click next. Then select the Gmail/Google Talk password option from the list and click next. Done! The account and the password are displayed in the next screen and can be noted down. This wonderful application can also crack passwords of Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo mail and many more.

WonderShare WinSuite 2012 not only helps to access Gmail passwords, but also offers many emergency repairs and daily maintenance needs of the computer. Optimization and speeding up of PC, cloning of partition/ disks, recovery of lost data, backup and restore, protecting privacy and data security can be handled with ease using WinSuite 2012.WinSuite 2012 supports Windows 7/Vista/XP 32/64 bit and the application requires 1GB of free hard disk space and a minimum of 512MB RAM. The latest version of the product, i.e. version 7.0.1 comes with a new interface which is more user-friendly as well.

“WinSuite 2012 is a prevention and recovery package in one. After a devastating PC meltdown, I now keep this great product in the background to run health and speed checks and basically do all the technical stuff that keeps my PC in top running condition.”- Says Michelle T, a very happy and satisfied customer of WinSuite 2012.

Being a highly ambitious consumer software developer, WonderShare has won many awards including the prestigious Digital River Internet Commerce Excellence (ICE) award in 2012. The company also offers 24x7 support and 90 day money back guarantee on its products making it an irresistible offer. With its quality products and support, WonderShare now has managed to have a global reach in international markets like the Europe, Japan and America as well.

About WonderShare.Com

WonderShare is a software company dedicated to creating easy-to-use software that lets people enjoy a pleasant and easy digital life. WonderShare products range from video software that enables you to enjoy and preserve digital media the way you like, to computer utilities that keeps your computer at peak performance and ensure data safety.

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Having a difficult time after forgetting your Gmail passwords? WonderShare WinSuite 2012 is the ultimate solution to all your woes! This powerful program not only helps in recovering lost passwords, but also comes with many other useful features.


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